What is wrong with designers and how to fix it — all in Logomachine's video course

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This course is not about logotypes, sorry
What should you do: complete your portfolio, not to work with assholes, develop social medias

What you actually do: google "pink pony photo" at 3 a.m. because a client wants to see the one on their website

With the course you will have the opportunity to make your portfolio well-organized, to focus on personal positioning, and to stop being afraid name your price. But we design logotypes in our new course.
Behance team
Bonus: we will invite to the Logomachine students team on Behance everyone who will make the final project great looking.

Do the things you're putting off
There are simple but important things that you have to do one time only, and they will work for you your entire life. Designers have a lot of such things:

If you had organized well-designed portfolio, you would have had better clients.

If you had conducted negotiations better, you wouldn't have worked so much for free.

If you had learned to sell well, you would have set a higher price for your work.

If you had promoted yourself, you would have had twice the amount of clients.

LVL UP course is a great reason for you to take the wheel, and to do what was put until later.
5 years of experience in 12 lectures
LVL UP is the real thing, the understanding about design and designers that we have acquired in the last five years.

We speak about things that are really important for every designer:

understanding of design basics, client's psychology, and self-promotion.

If you don't like the course, you can have a moneyback in two weeks without any questions asked.

Course syllabus
5 parts, each contains: 2-4 video lectures, and homework for self-checking
Lecture 1: Personal brand and positioning
We reveal how to build a personal brand, to position yourself in the marketplace, and to have target customers while doing what you love to do.
Lecture 2: Portfolio
We characterize a perfect portfolio: what is absolutely necessary in it, and what you need to get rid of. After lecture you will be able to create a portfolio, and not to be ashamed of it in front of clients and employers.
Lecture 3: Pricing
We will figure out together how does a price form and how to name the price for your service.
Homework for Part 1
Write a readable text about yourself which you may use in your CV, portfolio, on your web site. Organize your portfolio: make clients want to work with you personally.
Lecture 4: Why do they buy design
We talk about a basic theory: why do people buy design? We will teach you how to think as a client, and it will help you resolve contentious situations.
Lecture 5: Sales
We teach you to handle the most frequent objections: "let's do some edits", "why is it so expensive", "i need to take time to think", etc. After the lecture you will stop being confused, and will know how to respond in different situations. It will help you not to lose clients.
Lecture 6: Targeted advertising
After the lecture you will finally understand that targeted advertising is not so difficult to manage. You can run your promo-post immediately after.
Lecture 7: Content marketing
Where to find new job offers besides of word-of-mouth marketing, Behance and freelance marketplaces? We tell you how to get new clients for free, every designer can easily use the method.
Homework for Part 2
Exercises to get new clients and projects.
Lecture 8: Brief and agreements
We explain which questions you should include in your design brief so the result will delight both you and the client. You will know how to set agreements from the start, and have minimum chance of revisions or refusal.
Lecture 9: Project management and tools
How to manage the project so that it can "be ready" at any time? How to divide time between project's stages correctly: not to miss deadlines, sleep at nights, and have your own time? There are answers to these questions in the lecture. At the end we will share some tools that will help you to manage projects, and keep track of them.
Homework for Part 3
Create the most convenient brief with the help of this exercise. You will also get a couple of useful tools that will simplify the management of projects.
Lecture 10: Why is the design needed
We explain how does design affect our lives, and speak about things that every designer should know.
Lecture 11: Three design criteria
We tell you about the principles that underlie the solution of any design problem: from business cards to car design. Knowing these principles, you can easily take on big projects. You can make them as cool as possible, and get good money.
Homework for Part 4
10 massive design exercises. A designer of any skill level can accomplish them: just draw on paper, or make the whole project and add it to the portfolio.

The most important thing is the ability to understand and solve design problems.
Lecture 12: Presentation and project's completion
We show how to present even the most complex solutions to clients. We explain how to get more projects when the work is done. Then we review the results and reward the best on the course.
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