“Capsula” is a store of fashionable youth clothes in the streetwear style. These are wide sports pants, comfortable jeans, t-shirts with bright prints, sweatshirts with hooligan hoods, things for those who listens to hip-hop, punk and raves, likes skateboarding and graffiti, knows everything about sneaker culture and always stays on “hype”. The “Capsula” project logo is font. The inscription is italicized and slightly inclined. In letters the retro style of the 80-90s is recognized, exactly from there streetwear originates. A font similar to handwritten makes the logo look like a writer's signature, and symbolizes the street style. The “logomachine” designers created the image palette based on two colors: bright daring red and pure romantic white. Gamma reflects the nature of culture and brand. The logo bribes with its simplicity and conciseness. Young people with a sense of taste come to the store, they know what they want and find it in “Capsula”.

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