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Why packages? What if I want just a logo?

We used to make just logotypes: no presentation, brand font or color palette. Our client could be selling clothes or legal advice — everyone received just a sign. To be fair, that service was popular: customers received a logo, we received money — everyone were satisfied.

But then we noticed that our clients can’t completely unlock the potential of the logo they paid for.

Many customers confined themselves to putting the logo on the corner of their website, and that’s all they did. No recognizable style was born: you could take their business card, go to the website, read a post in social network and do not even notice that this is the same company.

« And if there is no recognition — this is simply a waste of money »

That’s why it is so important for us to show how your logo will work for you in a presentation. Well-thought style, colors and fonts increase recognition, and recognition is trust and regular customers. This is the point of Logomachine’s work. We are not making just logos / signs / pictures. We develop identities and want your project to become recognizable and successful.

Роман Горбачев Roman Gorbachev, Founder of Logomachine

My good friend opened a pizza point with delivery. He spent money on a logo and a signboard. It looked cool, but his pizza packaging was basically a black trash bag. Needless to explain what kind of impression it made on his clients. This example shows that the logo itself is not that important, but your whole identity seals the deal for a client. This is why we show every logo in a presentation that explains how you can use it so that no Logomachine’s client will spoil the impression of his company with trash bags.