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Google reviews of Logomachine
We asked Logomachine to create a new corporate identity for CONFESSION coffee house. The team offered us a unique and bold solution. It resulted in the stylish, modern, catchy and memorable identity! Thanks, Logomachine for an excellent job!
Valeria Dubrova
I ordered a logo and a corporate identity from Logomachine "to grow into". All wishes were taken into account, and I liked the result. I highly value the quality of the job, and I wish the guys to continue to help people finding their style and grow in every respect.
Georgiy Pugachev
We decided to elaborate on the image of our confectionery studio, as we realised that customers didn’t pay much attention to us, and the old logo was poorly readable.
We understood that we were not capable of doing this on our own. This is why we decided to ask Logomachine for a new logo and corporate identity.
We considered the idea of applying to some freelancers we know, but their prices were no lower than Logomachine’s, while we received not only the work of professional designers but also a high level of customer service from you.
There were no doubts about the project because the guarantees on terms and refunds were indicated.

We just feared that we might be misunderstood, but friendly communication with managers dispelled all our doubts!
As a result, we got a great logo and a presentation, which inspired us to make further changes!

Roman Liakhovich
Thank you very much for your work!

All we had was a logo. But one logo means nothing. We wanted a corporate identity that would introduce us somehow. When we were looking for an executive, we wanted someone who had a portfolio with works that we would like, the good price-quality ratio and clear terms of cooperation. There were some doubts about you because we haven’t heard of you before and found you online. There was some risk. But your portfolio, your website and the manager who communicated with us convinced us. We rate the process above the average, as there were some tiny problems — confusion with automation. A link to the work was mailed to one person only. Additional services were also a bit delayed, but overall, you have shown yourself as a creative and reliable contractor. Your main advantage over other contractors is that they lack such a formulated offer of when you can get a quality result for such money and in such time. It is most likely that we will approach you again. So far, we paused the rest of the carriers to think how to implement everything. We have already shown our corporate identity at the Archstoyanie festival, giving out leaflets next to the roll-up that you made. People were saying that it was quite a nice identity.
Level One media office
Level One
I was thinking about the logo and corporate identity for a network of dance studios that I’m currently developing. I heard of Logomachine from my son and then took a look at the portfolio — I liked it and decided to order a logo from you. Previously, some freelancers made attempts to create the logo but failed.
In summary, I’m happy with your result 100%. I will eagerly recommend you to anyone who needs help with the design.
I liked the way you hold a briefing. All tasks were formulated together with the manager, and the designer embodied them as required. As a result, I received a great logo and instructions on how to use corporate identity — I learned why it was needed and how it worked.
Besides, I had no problems with payment. When I ordered a logo from freelancers, there were always difficulties with this.

I may have just one suggestion about your work: add a follow-up call to the customer one week after the order. I think this is important for people who place the first order — just for peace of mind and confidence that it will be ready on time.

Larisa Smakauz
Babies in Ballet Flats project
The company needed a trademark that we could place on business cards and the developed websites, a kind of identifier among the other competitors.
I didn’t look for the executive, because I knew about Logomachine and had experience working with freelancers. I realised that a good freelancer (which has to be found first) would charge about the same money for the logo, while Logomachine will also be able to design the necessary elements of the corporate identity in addition to the logo.
As a result, I rate the logo as 8 out of 10 — in my opinion, everything is fine. Perhaps, some aspects could be corrected, but editing is an endless process, so we decided to stick to the current version. It completely suits us in the near future; we will use it.
I would surely recommend you to my friends. I already told some of my acquaintances about your service back before I ordered the logo.
I did have doubts in Logomachine, but it was primarily because I always doubt whether the executor understood the task correctly. What I had no doubts for is that you were experts. I viewed the Logomachine portfolio and blog before ordering the logo.
I liked easy communication when working with Logomachine: got in touch over the phone, detailed the brief, and reached a mutual understanding. A great advantage is that I didn’t need to call and discuss options over two weeks. You have a well-established process, so it’s easier for the customer to cooperate with you.
Your main distinctive feature in guarantees. None of the designers will agree to refund me in full if I don’t like the result, but this is an important criterion of reliability for me.
It is most likely that we will cooperate with Logomachine further. So far, we are not in need, but I will recommend you to my colleagues and acquaintances!

Kirill Arutyunov
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